Welcome to 18th annual ASPA international conference (ASPA 2014) which to be held in Shiraz, Iran, October 15-18, 2014.

ASPA annual conference is an international refereed conference held once a year with the presentation and publication of outcomes of research and development activities in aspects of STPs. All managers and staff of STPs, faculty members in technology and entrepreneurship management fields, entrepreneurs, technopreneurs and technology development investors, R&D managers, technology development policy makers, technology development and technology management experts are invited to come together to share their knowledge and experiences in this important discipline that has impacts on many aspects of our daily lives.

The Conference will focus on the "Science and Technology Parks: Innovation and Commercialization Opportunities in the Conceptual Age". Conceptual age is an era describing the contribution of creativity, innovation, and design skills to economic competitiveness, especially in the global context. This age will be dominated by six new senses: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning.

In addition to the wide variety of technical program, the social program will be prepared for the enjoyment of both the participants of conference and accompanying persons includes welcome reception, gala dinner and a tour of cultural district and a historic district (Persepolis Complex- UNESCO World Heritages) of Shiraz.

The conference will also give you the opportunity to visit Shiraz, one of the most appealing and interesting cities in the south west of Asia. Moreover, you can participate in another conference about "Science parks: where technology goes to work" which will be held in Qatar after our conference. It should be noted that Shiraz and Doha are connected with 40 minutes daily flights.


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