Executive Committee


Dr. Samad Sabbaghi

Director of FSTP Incubation Center,
Executive Committee secretary

Dr. Yoslan Nur

UNESCO Programme Specialist

Eng. Ali M. Birang

Deputy of International Affairs and Technology Exchange in Vice-Presidency

Dr. M.R. Zahiremami

Directing Manager of Farassan Co.

Dr. Rashid Fallah Shamsi

Director of FSTP Incubation center


Eng. Mahdi Khani

Member of FSTP Council


Dr. Esmaeal Ghavanloo

Faculity Member of Shiraz University



Eng. Masoud Rasi

Member of FSTP Council 

Eng. Hamidreza Tamaddoni Nezhad

Head of FSTP IT and Technical Services Division

Ms. Sally Pak

International Affairs & Public Relations of ASPA

Mr. A. Afifipour

Public Relations of FSTP



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