General Information

Dates & Venue: 

15-18 October 2014 

Shiraz Hotel, Shiraz, IRAN 

Traveling to Shiraz:

Shiraz is easily accessible to almost all cities of the world. Its international airport is serviced by many international airlines (Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Iran Air, Aseman Airlines, and Mahan Airways). An invitation letter on behalf of the organizing committee can be sent by request to facilitate visa procedures.

Congress Language:

Official language of the conference is English.


The voltage is 220 V, 50Hz, with CEE 7/4 (German) plug and socket.

Time Zone:

Iran is 3:30 ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Dress Code and Cultural tips:

According to laws and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran, gentlemen are not allowed to wear shorts and shake hand with ladies. Ladies are required to observe their hijab. That is, to cover up hair, arms and legs.

Registration Desk:

The Registration Desk will be located at 5th floor of Shiraz Hotel, where you will receive your conference badge (which you should wear at all times). You will also receive a bag with the conference book and general information.

The Registration Desk at the Atrium will be open at the following times:


Tuesday      14 October 16:30 – 20:00

Wednesday  15 October 08:30 – 19:00

Thursday     16 October 07:30 – 19:00

Friday         17 October 07:30 – 12:00


Guidelines for Oral Presentations:

Video projectors will be available in the session halls, each of which is equipped with a computer. Overhead projection and slide projection are NOT available. All the oral presenters must copy and check their file on the computer of assigned hall according to the schedule of oral presentations. All the hardware will be provided by the ASPA secretariat to ensure consistency in technical quality, allowing for quick and smooth transitions between speakers.

Oral Presentation:

Please bring your presentation in MS-PowerPoint or Adobe PDF format on a CD. We strongly recommend that you bring space copy of your presentation.


Certifications of attendance will be delivered at the end of conference program at the registration desk.


There are many shopping centers in Shiraz. Shops are normally open from 9:00 to 13:30 and from 17:00 to 22:00 


Shiraz International Hotel

Chamran International Hotel

Pars International Hotel

Homa International Hotel 


Shiraz is one of Iran's five largest cities located in Fars province. The city is at an altitude of 1486 meter above the sea level and enjoys a temperate climate. Shiraz is known as the city of poets, gardens and flowers. The crafts of Shiraz consist of inlaid mosaic work of triangular design; silver-ware; carpet-weaving, and the making of the rugs called gilim (Shiraz Kilim) and "jajim" in the cities and villages. The garden is an important part of Iranian culture. There are many old gardens in Shiraz such as the Eram garden and the Afif abad garden.  The other most famous attraction of Shiraz is Persepolis (UNESCO heritage) the most glorious souvenir of Iran which can be considered and this ancient land for thousands of years as a symbol of the capability of our people and this monument is admired by those who visit it.


The average day temperature during October is 28 degrees Celsius during the day and a low of 9 degrees Celsius at night. 

Contact Information: 



Telephone: (0098) 711 6360300-1

Fax: (0098) 711 6360302


Shiraz Map


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