Conference Venue

The ASPA conference is traditionally held in a hotel with large conference facilities. We try to maintain this structure because it is advantageous to the conference. Having the conference in the hotel, the local transportation time and costs are eliminated for the attendees. Moreover, the conference venue is located in a metropolitan area close to other hotels, restaurants, banks, public transit, shopping main touristic areas. The conference is held in Shiraz Hotel, a five star hotel which is located in the city of Shiraz, the birthplace of Persian culture and art. This hotel, with 40000 m² area in 14 floors, is situated in neighborhood of the holy Quran gate and it is close to touristic places in Shiraz. The hotel welcomes the guests with luxurious rooms, several restaurants and coffee shops, laundry services, travel agency, conference rooms and ball room, sport complex and game net. Shiraz hotel has 170 rooms and suits which are equipped with luxurious furniture and all facilities to make the guests’ stay comfortable and memorable.



Workshop Venue

The Innovation Building in FSTP is well-equipped to host workshops of 18th annual ASPA Conference’s size and scope. Innovation Building has a unique architecture in the region by its spherical design and its high value services. This building consists of 4 floors with a conference hall which can host about 300 persons. It has 4000 m2 and 4 parallel conference rooms. Each conference room can host more than 50 persons. The building permits FSTP to host about 400 persons during the ASPA congress. 



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