Plenary Sessions


  • Role of STPs and incubation centers in the conceptual age

Science and Technology Parks (STPs) play a key role in modern economic development and innovation. As it has been proven in many countries and regions around the world, the development of successful STP initiatives has resulted in significant social improvements and in essential economic growth. STPs can significantly enhance the competitiveness of companies and entrepreneurs within their cities and regions, as well as contributing to global economic development through innovation, entrepreneurship, and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Because of their specialization, STPs can contribute to new role in the conceptual age.
How is this best done? What should STPs change in their organizational structures and strategies to make this happen effectively?


  • Innovation networks: role of STPs in the conceptual age

In the conceptual age, the science and technology parks could become central actors in networking system for innovation; they could increase the number of linkages and increase the diversity of ties and partners. Consequently, the different kinds of collaboration and actor involve in inter-organizational system could increase knowledge, critic mass, capabilities and innovation output. How can these networks drive further economic development and stimulate the creation of new businesses?


  • Management of regional innovation clusters

STP is an organization managed by specialized professionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting the culture and diffusion of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated businesses and knowledge‐based institutions. How management of STPs is strategic factors for regional development?


  • Review of STPs status in future regional development

Nowadays, STPs generally represent a kind of public–private partnerships that are designed to foster knowledge flows, mainly among park firms, as well as between these firms and external R&D institutions, and thus improve regional economic growth. To predict the status of the STPs in the future, a comprehensive review must be done.


  • Importance of open innovation and creativity in the conceptual age

Innovation and creativity are the processes of bringing something new into being and it requires passion and commitment. Creativity is the main characteristics of the conceptual age. What strategies should STPs adopt to attract and engage open innovation and creativity?


  • Commercialization and business models for innovative products

Commercialization is broadly defined as the process of developing a business enterprise from an idea, through feasibility and implementation, to its acceptance into a market. How STPs and other areas of innovation can secure a leading role in the commercialization processes? 


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