International Scientific Committee


Dr. Karimian Eghbal

Director of Technology Programming Affairs, MSRT
(I.R. Iran)

Dr. D. Fuller

Director of Innovation Campus and Director of Strategic Projects, University of Wollongong (Australia)

Dr. S.A. Fazelzadeh

President of FSTP, Conference Secretary (I.R. Iran)

Dr. H.M. Kim

Professor of Public Administration, Soon Chunhang university (South Korea)

Dr. A. Nayebi

FSTP, Vice President for Technology, Scientific Committee Secretary (I.R. Iran)

Dr. Martti Launonen

Chairman of the board and chief advisor, Hubconcepts (Finland)

Eng. Ali M. Birang

Deputy of International Affairs and Technology Exchange in Vice-Presidency

Dr. Yoslan Nur

UNESCO Programme Specialist

Dr. Ghasem Moslehi

ISTT, Professor of Isfahan University of Technology
(I.R. Iran)

Ms. Helen Chung

Senior Manager, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (Hong Kong)

Mr. Habibollah Asghari

Manager of Rooyesh ICT Incubator
(I.R. Iran)

Mr. Zeng Xiaodong

Managing Director of International Operations of Administrative Committee of Z-Park (People's Republic of China)

Dr. Mahmoud Sheikh-Zeinoddin

Vice President of Iran for Science and Technology Affairs (I.R. Iran)

Mr. Esmaeel Ghaderi Far

General Director of Commercialization of Technology Presidency of I.R. Iran. Vice Presidency of Science and Technology
(I.R. Iran)


Dr. Mehdi Keshmiri

President of Isfahan Science and Technology Town (I.R. Iran)


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